W e l c o m e    a t    L D I P V

Head of Laboratory: Prof. Ing. Ján Mihalík, PhD. 
e-mail: Jan.Mihalik@tuke.sk Phone: +421-55-602 2854 
Post address: Department of Electronics and Multimedia 
Communications FEI TU of Košice, Park Komenského 13 
041 20 Košice, Slovak Republic 

General Informations:
Laboratory Digital Image Processing and Videocommunications (LDIPV) at the Department of Electronics and Multimedia Communications, FEI TU in Košice was based by Prof.Ing. Ján Mihalík, PhD on the basis his long time research and teaching in the area. At present he coordinets all actions of LDIPV, determines directions of its research, also content its teaching. Digital image (video) processing is carrying out above all in conection of the research of inteligence coding of video for standard videocodecs, which alow new aplications in videocommunications like videotelephony, videoconferencing, video on demand, digital TV and HDTV brodcasting, video on Internet, multimedia image/video data base services. Teaching in LDIPV is included in the subjects: Signals and Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Videocommunications, Digital Processing and Coding of Images. The staff of LDIPV is composed of the researchers, doktoral students, also students of gradual form of study.